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30t Pulley with a stock belt. It can be done!

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Fullsac Performance:
This aftermarket belt breakage issue has really been bugging me for some time. After returning home from a 3K Montana trip, I sold my 09 107" to a good friend.
He made it about two blocks and the Falcon belt snapped. Did I get lucky to make it home or what? Needless to say the bike was brought back to my shop with a simple WTF
are you going to do about this? I had already been thinking about the possibilty of a tentioner pulley and started heading in that direction. Then I got this idea about the possibilty of lengthening the swingarm a 1/2 inch instead. I decided to check the actual amount behond the stock rear adjustment that the axel needed to go and was surprised to find it was less than 1/4". As a fabricator, what came next was easier than I ever imagined.

This thread is intended to show a simple way for a fabricator to modify your swingarm and run the 30T with the stock OEM belt. I have no plans of offering this swingarm mod. Sorry.

Steve George
Fullsac Performance

Pic 1,
A simple gusset was welded to the rear of the swingarm to allow .200 of material to be removed with out weekening the axle slot.

Fullsac Performance:
Pic 2

The bald guy can still weld.

Fullsac Performance:
Pic 3

Gussets welded and time for grinding.

Fullsac Performance:
Pic 4

The axle slot has been lengthened rearward about .200 by hand with a die grinder and a carbide bit. The same tool I use to remove the CVO cores. I bought a brand new 28.00 cross cut carbide bit just for this job. A 1/4 spacer has been added to the cam adjuster face to use the additional space rearward now available. Sorry, no one was around to take a pic of me grinding this out. It took about a half hour for both.

Fullsac Performance:
All finished and read to ride! You can definitely see how much closer the axle is to the shock mount. Actually had to clearance the
shock bolt boss just slightly to clear the cam adjuster.


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