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Trying to decide on a motor

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if it comes down to it, I would even consider shipping the bike to a Indy to install the S&S.  You are close to some good builders in Texas and Az.

dennis karsen:
Give Rich Joos a call, New Life Builders in Belen. He will instal SS motors and has his own Dyno for tuning.

  505 861 1565
  505 565 5459

I have worked with him in the past. First motor he built for me was bullet proof and strong the next one I sent him fell apart a week later and he told me he only wareties his work not the parts so he wanted me to pay him for a second rebuild. I don't even trust his Dyno work anymore

dennis karsen:
  You next option is to Trailer you bike to GMR performance in Fort Worth Texas, a 650 mile trip and have Steve install a SS Motor of your choice. I like you have used New life Builders at one time but now make the trip to GMR for my tuning needs.

    Good Luck

Thanks I will give some thought


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