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Author Topic: Who has the highest milage on there Springer?  (Read 2370 times)

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Who has the highest milage on there Springer?
« on: August 17, 2019, 08:30:42 AM »

Hi Guys my Fxstsse 2007 passed the 100,000Km mark this last August 2019. I do several long distance trips every year, doing approx 600km per day.

Now have 100991Km = 62753Miles. How many miles has yours clocked up?

Motor is factory stock, original exhausts, 2008 air filter, with custom dyno mapping of the ECM
Apart from the Head gaskets product improvement which was done at 16,000km in 2008, the motor has never been apart.
It occasionally has starting issues and might need 2 or 3 attempts to get it running, but so far never let me down.


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Re: Who has the highest milage on there Springer?
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2019, 08:48:51 PM »

I have 42,000 Kilometers on my 2008 FXSTSSE2. I bought it in Texas in 2011 with 6,300 miles ( 10,000 K's)

For several years I also had another Harley , a 2013 CVO Breakout. It had a 110 Pro Upgrade kit , 259E cams , high comp' pistons yada yada ( unnecessary !)

My annual mileage was spread over 2 bikes for many years. Last 2 years I have only had the 2008 Springer , my preferred bike of the 2 BY FAR !

( Breakout sold , never did like the ponderous handling from the 240 rear !)

I do not do much mileage nowadays , circumstances change and I basically ride every Saturday morning with a regular group , but mostly metro local.

Bike is 100 % stock other than V&H Big Shot Staggered exhaust and ECM "tuning" by yours truly ( me!)

The V&H Big Shot would not be my exhaust of choice but was on the bike in Texas in 2011 so Que sera sera...

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  • thank you Denis Van Orman (DVO)

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Re: Who has the highest milage on there Springer?
« Reply #2 on: June 18, 2022, 10:49:42 AM »

76,543 mi. as of yesterday getting the bike inspected. 11 sets of tires American Elite last 7-8 sets. Kept the bike as original as possible buying exclusive 07 CVO style parts since 08.  Up graded to Tribal Graphic mirrors 2010? issue as they offered more visibility and matched the graphics perfectly. Added crash bars 3? yrs. past.  On second seat using narrow black magic markers to cover white thread split openings. 3rd new seat in storage. Most can't believe I have more than 30 on the clock.  Photo taken in 2020 with 72-3 on the clock, had cats removed a few years back, on third ? set of heat shields on muffler with a new set in reserve.  Engine has not been opened. Replaced chain tensioner last week with 3rd issue (newest).  Old set was hardly worn changed it anyway. Still original clutch, have complete new set, basket etc. in inventory.  Bought up NOS turn signal bulbs Germany Mfg. to last till I'm done, will turn 75 later this year as I got this thing for my 60th a few months early....... J
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(7059-G) ft
(7196-G) rr
H-D Crash Bar


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Re: Who has the highest milage on there Springer?
« Reply #3 on: June 18, 2022, 11:43:44 AM »

Excellent report Jack and that is an absolutely beautiful bike. Here's looking at 100K.  :drink:

I have over 61K on my 2018 RG and would have more but the weather has not been cooperating here this year. We have had record rains!

Great Job
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Re: Who has the highest milage on there Springer?
« Reply #4 on: June 19, 2022, 03:14:47 AM »

That's a real nice 2007 in Amarillo Gold Jack ! There are a couple of those in Western Australia but it's a BIG place , near one third the size of the continental USA !

My 2008 has 50,623 Kilometres (31,462 miles) as of yesterday. I have had this bike since 2011.

This last couple of years has seen my annual mileage drop as I hardly ever ride to work now. 25 years ago, it was a daily Harley ride for me.

Snap taken at one of our usual coastal stops on a Saturday run a couple of weeks back. As said before I ride with a bunch of "older" guys.

"Winter" here now , the last 2 Saturdays have been "rained off" but this coming Saturday is to be fine and dry after a cool 4C start.

This bike is also on the Dunlop "American Elite" tyres. Had to order them in Australia at the time , not "regular" stock.

The shop fitted the rear with me watching , I strip the front out myself and take the loose wheel in. No way they could strip and build the Springer to suit me !

I also have a Brand new 2007/8 CVO Springer take-off seat boxed in storage in the home office. Bought from eBay Australia 8+ years ago.

AND a complete new bike take-off 2007/8 CVO Springer exhaust. ( The mufflers were model unique !). Kept in the shed , big boss says "no" to the home office !

I have had a couple of derivations of compensator changes. The latest 2 years ago was the most recent SE derivation. Still noisy at cruise !

I just live with it now and may go the Darkhorse compensator route in the future
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