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Author Topic: 2001 Classic SERG owners / Site Registry ( let me know if I missed someone )  (Read 25512 times)

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  • Wait 6 months?... YES it was worth the wait!
    • HI

    • CVO1: 2018_FLTRXSE, Gunship Grey, (Delivered July 28, 2018... after almost 9 )
    • CVO2: 2001_FLTRSEI, Grey/Black/Silver w/Hannigan Hack and a blast to ride.
    • CVO3: 2012_FLTRXSE, Maple/Black (Delivered 1/20/2012 - Traded 10/25/2017)


So I might as well share some....

THe club stickers have since been removed...(The previous owner rode with them)

I've cleaner her up a bit and did progressive monotubes, ultra touring with Super Heavy duty rears (given the sidecar) but only have the preload set at about 1/2... rides perfect with me, the wife and the dog...

I've still got some shiny stuff to replace but I was chasing oil leaks... the oil cooler adapter was loose and the hoses was a little questionable.

It's getting there...but its relegated to Daily rider duty whatever I do has to get done it a day!

The JM ROKKER stuff is gonna be fun next!


No more Hawaii HOG Rally... ask HOG why...


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    • CVO2: 2002 Candy Brandywine Screamin' Eagle Road King
    • CVO3: 1999 Arresting Red FXR2

I've still never ridden a bike with a sidecar.  Still tend to think they are cool looking rigs.  This one even more than most.   :drink:
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