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Author Topic: Looking for new owner of 2008 CVO springer in Flat Rock MI...  (Read 945 times)

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Long story short.... I'm searching for the new owner of a CVO springer purchased between January and March of this year.

The bike was black/grey (Black Diamond/Smoked Candy Flames)

It has about 11K miles (or did at time of purchase)

If you know of someone in this area with a CVO springer purchased earlier this year, please have them contact me.

I know the bike is in Flat Rock MI (registered there) but need to notify local DMV of its address change so I can obtain the special plate it was issued when it was here.

I have been in contact with the State of MI for info, but the form doesnt have a line for my needs... which means I'm forced to search for the owner via other means.

I have the VIN to verify the bike if there is any question to the authenticity of my request.

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